The new short film I just made with my brother Kent Osborne has gone live on the internets!

Check it out!

We had fun making it, and it almost killed us. It’s called THE EXHIBITIONIST and it’s not porn, I promise.  Here’s the synopsis:

A man and his suitcase take an extraordinary pixilated journey through MOCA’s exhibition Art in the Streets at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, as works by BANKSY, RAMMELLZEE and KENNY SCHARF come alive all around him.

The film was created in an improvisational fashion during three very busy days at the museum.  What an incredible setting to work in and be inspired by.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we couldn’t say no.  The short was made in collaboration with the Levi’s Film Workshop and Happy Product, Inc.

Produced with the generous support of the MOCA – http://www.moca.org

The MOST EXCELLENT Original Music and Sound Design is by old chum and CalArts alum Pete Houser http://www.bassbintwins.com

Here’s a behind the scenes shot showing you the crazy camera rig I built out of a rolling cart, a plastic crate, two tripods, some bungee cords and hot glue (oh how I miss the smell of hot glue…).  We had to be nimble and flexible to get all our shots.  Our original plan was to do it all in a day, but it ended up taking 3 days total.  It was my first real intense use of the most amazing stop-motion software ever created by humans, Jamie and Dyami Caliri’s DRAGON STOP MOTION.  If you don’t own it yet, get it!

Go check it out, tell us what you think!