Q: Can I share the short film MORE on youtube?

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A CURIOUS CUSTOMER ASKS: “Can I share the short film MORE on YouTube? If I can’t…is there any way I can get permission from the author? Because I think is a great great! short film but not everyone knows it. Beforehand, thank you so much.

ANSWER:  First of, thank you so much for liking the film and wanting to share it with others!  But actually since the film is now available at the iTunes Store, I can no longer give it away for free at sites like YouTube.  Although I would love to keep giving it away, so as many people as possible could see it, the quality of most of the shared versions I have seen is so low that I decided to do a new HD version for iTunes.  Now anyone can go there to buy it for the tiny sum of $2.99 (or $1.99 in standard def).  Each purchase helps offset the cost of making the HD version, and it looks pretty swell in HD, I have to say.  Seems like a good plan right?  Or what do you think, did we sell out?