The HAPPY PRODUCT CORPORATION STATISTICAL PROCESSING ENGINE© has determined that making short films is the quickest way to gain the happiness and self-confidence that is the product of personal human expression. Ask questions here about the process of making shorts films and they will promptly be answered by either the HPCSPE© or HAPPY PRODUCT, INC’s MARK OSBORNE©, who was nominated for the human Academy Award© for Best Short Animated Film.





Q: Can I share the short film MORE on youtube?

it's fun making the happy products!

A CURIOUS CUSTOMER ASKS: “Can I share the short film MORE on YouTube? If I can’t…is there any way I can get permission from the author? Because I think is a great great! short film but not everyone knows it. Beforehand, thank you so much.

ANSWER:  First of, thank you so much for liking the film and wanting to share it with others!  But actually since the film is now available at the iTunes Store, I can no longer give it away for free at sites like YouTube.  Although I would love to keep giving it away, so as many people as possible could see it, the quality of most of the shared versions I have seen is so low that I decided to do a new HD version for iTunes.  Now anyone can go there to buy it for the tiny sum of $2.99 (or $1.99 in standard def).  Each purchase helps offset the cost of making the HD version, and it looks pretty swell in HD, I have to say.  Seems like a good plan right?  Or what do you think, did we sell out?



How can I get a copy of “Dropping Out”? I saw it at the USA Film Festival 10 years ago and have been on the lookout ever since!

ANSWER: Wow, thanks for remembering Dropping Out! It will be available very soon, it has been hung up in all sorts of issues getting to DVD. We were trying to release the 11th anniversary edition this year to coincide with the release of UNCLE KENT at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, but it got hung up once again. Stay tuned for updates here at the site!

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek at the new artwork I created for the upcoming DVD release!

Q: Why can’t I watch MORE on my computer?


Why can’t I watch MORE on my computer?

ANSWER: Thank you for inquiring, and thank you for desiring to watch MORE. You’d like to watch MORE on your computer, you say? But you can! Just buy the MORE DVD from the ‘GET HAPPY’ HAPPY PRODUCT STORE© and when it arrives simply make your computer play it for you. If you don’t have a computer that can play DVD-type movies, get one! And if you’d like to actually find it somewhere on the internets, just wait…MORE is about to become available on the iTunes store in glorious HIGH DEFINITION, for the first time ever, anywhere! Make sure you check back or SIGN UP for updates and links when it happens. It is certainly guaranteed to make you HAPPY©!

Q: I would like a Happy Product t-shirt.


I would like a Happy Product t-shirt. Sorry, should I phrase that as a question?

ANSWER: Yes, you should have phrased that as a question, but we are willing to let that go since you are interested in making a purchase. To “answer” your “question” we would love to see you pay us money to wear t-shirt with our logos on it. We here at HAPPY PRODUCT INC. know that humans like to purchase and wear t-shirts to advertise the branding of their favorite corporations and we would certainly not want to stop you from doing some free advertising for us. We will gladly sell you a t-shirt as soon as we have them in stock and as soon as we can figure out how much to charge you to lower your own self worth by using your human body as a billboard for our corporate interests. Check back or sign up for the Happy Product Mailing List for instant updates on all things HAPPY©. Thank you for your interest! The Corporation©.


Q: How do I get funding?


I want to make a short but I don’t have any money. Where can I find people interested in funding the creation of independent films?

HAPPY PRODUCT STATISTICAL ANALYSIS GENERATOR© RESPONSE: Get a job, preferably in a factory where the tedium and boredom will inspire you to make use of your spare time.

MARK OSBORNE© HUMAN ANSWER: If you haven’t figured out a way to gather money to make your short, you haven’t been clever enough about making your short. Figure out how to make it for less money, figure out how to work with your friends, figure out how to work with the elements you have access to. Sometimes that will yield the most inventive and personal work, and that’s going to make your short stand out from the crowd. The best advice I ever got was “Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to make your films.” -