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HAPPY PRODUCT INC’s human factory employee MARK OSBORNE© finds someone who cares about his extremely cliche childhood obsession with Star Wars.

Read the article and find out more detail than you ever wanted to know about a seven year old boy’s obsession with a movie and the toy collection associated with it. You will learn unimportant things like:

“I basically got every single toy as it came out all the way up to Jedi. I didn’t collect die-cast toys, only action figures and the vehicles. When I first saw the AT-AT on-screen I pretty much lost it.” Read entire interview by clicking link below…

“Kung Fu Panda Director Talks Hero’s Journey,” at StarWars.com, click HERE.



The truth is out. The iconic rock outfit Tenacious D inspired the directors of Kung Fu Panda…with the following lyrics: “Sometimes you follow your heart. Sometimes your heart cuts a fart. That’s the cosmic shame…”

In an in depth article on the making of the hugely successful animated feature film featuring many talking animals, MARK OSBORNE© admits things like:

“I was a huge fan of his [Jack Black's] band Tenacious D, and I was really obsessed, actually, with his first album. I listened to it nonstop for two months. There is a song that [Tenacious D did] in concert on HBO… called “Cosmic Shame” and that song actually became an important part of developing the inner life of Po’s character, because the song “Cosmic Shame” is about having to pursue your art; you have to follow your heart. It is the only way you are going to be happy. But you risk cosmic shame because sometimes your heart cuts a fart. That’s the lyric. If you pursue your heart, and you fall flat on your face, it will devastate you for the rest of your life. So we started to use that idea to shape Po, because his love of kung fu is so huge and he loves it so much that if he were to fail at trying to do kung fu, he couldn’t imagine not doing kung fu anymore.”

Read entire interview by clicking link below…

“Kung Fu Panda Directors MARK OSBORNE© and John Stevenson,” at Premiere.com, click HERE.



HAPPY PRODUCT INC’s wisdom to allow human factory employee #77OSB-25 out of shackles to direct movie for DreamWorks Animation continues to make news.

In an interview with Newsarama, #77OSB-25 explains some parts of the process of making a movie like KUNG FU PANDA.

On making the characters do martial arts:

“What we actually did isn’t exactly true monkey or crane style. We had to come up with our own version so we could maximize on each character’s physique. For instance, a crane actually uses his beak to jab with. Humans use a pointed hand to imitate this. But our crane doesn’t have hands for fingers, so we had to come up with our own solution to it.”

On creating compelling yet family friendly action sequences:

“We knew it had to be on par with all the other big action movies that would come out this summer. The bar has been set pretty high these days. We knew we didn’t want to be just another summer animated movie. We wanted to be considered up there with the big boys. So we put a lot of work into makings sure our action was spectacular. At the same time we tried to make sure it wasn’t so terrifying you couldn’t take the entire family to it. We were trying to please everybody.”

Read entire interview by clicking link below…

“Chatting With the Directors of DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda, Part 1,” on Newsarama.com, click HERE.

“…Part 2,” click HERE.



HAPPY PRODUCT INC would like to congratulate iconic master thespian Dustin Hoffman (the one with his back to the camera) for being wise enough to work with human factory employee MARK OSBORNE© on the feature film KUNG FU PANDA.

In a recent interview, HAPPY PRODUCT INC’s human factory worker MARK OSBORNE© explains the collaboration with the iconic actor:

“…creating the characters is an evolution, we have an idea and then we bring someone like Dustin in to help us really author the character, because he was such a huge part of creating the character Master Shifu.”

Mr. Dustin Hoffman gives his perspective on the genesis of the character:

“I was concerned that it would be two-dimensional, that’s what I didn’t want to do, and so we discussed what a third dimension is…they said ‘He’s an arrogant guy, he’s all knowing at the beginning, and he doesn’t think he’s ever been wrong, and he has an arc.’ And I said, ‘Oh that starts to be interesting.’…in other words, he’s a prick, he’s a little prick. And they said, ‘Yes.’ And I said, ‘I’m in.’”

Read entire interview by clicking link below…

“Dustin Hoffman and Director Mark Osborne Talk About Kung Fu Panda,” at Collider.com, click HERE.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie!


Human factory worker MARK OSBORNE© sure does get around. We here at HAPPY PRODUCT INC. let him out of his long term contract from time to time so that he may apply his abilities to other synergistic corporate entities and their needs. When the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS corporation came calling, we were happy to see him exploited.

MARK OSBORNE@ explains the job: “The feature film is directed by Steve Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, and fellow CalArts Experimental Animation alum. My brother Kent Osborne was a writer on the TV show and the movie, which made the experience loads of fun. I was very lucky to be given the chance to direct all the crazy live-action sequences in the movie, including the opening sequence with the pirates singing the theme. You should check out the film if you haven’t, it’s hilarious and there’s lots of nutty live-action high-jinks in ACT III featuring non other than the multi-talented Mr. David Hasselhoff (to get a taste of just how insane all this stuff in the movie is, here is a pic of the 2000 pound, twelve foot replica of the Hoff complete with simulated body hair made from the hair of a Yak.”

Click for full image… The Twelve Foot Hoff! (Yes those are scuba divers poking out of the water around him…)

MARK OSBORNE© continues: “The main reason I got the gig was not only because Steve Hillenberg and I were friends from CalArts, but I also created the live-action shots of the island that you see in every episode of the TV show and over the years I directed several segments of live-action material for the Spongebob TV show featuring Spongebob’s biggest fan, Patchy the Pirate (played by Tom Kinney, the voice of Spongie). The episodes I worked on were: “Christmas Who?,” “Shanghai’d,” “House Party,” “The Lost Episode,” “Spongebob B.C.” and the 10th Anniversary Spongebob Special, “Truth or Square” that aired in November 2009. These shoots were always very low budget, very indie-spirited and lots of fun. And for you trivia nuts, my brudder Kent plays the robot in the “Spongebob B.C.” episode.”

Below are a few noteworthy links I’ve found:

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For The Spongebob Squarepants Movie on Rotten Tomatoes (Top Critics Rating – 74%), click HERE.

And here are a few weird ones for Patchy the Pirate (it looks like he’s got a following)!

Patchy The Pirate Mash-up on YouTube.com, click HERE.

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