For your education, presented here are the dynamic forms of expression that HAPPY PRODUCT INC© has either wholly created or has participated in via the loan-out of two-time Academy Award© nominated filmmaker, human factory worker Mark Osborne©.


The Academy Award© nominated stop-motion animation short film depicting a gritty, futuristic dystopia where true happiness and bliss are very hard to come by.

Kung Fu Panda

What's a panda to do when his dreams of kung-fu awesomeness awake to the cold reality of noodle-making?

The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie

Trouble is brewing in Bikini Bottom in the feature film debut of the world's favorite sponge.

SpongeBob Squarepants TV Specials

Spongebob TV Show Episodes HAPPY PRODUCT CORPORATION© human factory employee MARK OSBORNE© has worked on.

Dropping Out

Emile Brockton thought his life was going nowhere...until he decided to end it.

Keen Yellow Planet

A lumpy blue alien boy is excited on the eve of a family trip to the “Keen Yellow Planet.” His entire life has lead up to this moment as he imagines for the last time how amazing his childhood dream will be for real.


A homage to the sci-fi genre, MIke Mitchell's Herd is the story of a lowly fry cook who becomes the unwitting accomplice to an alien who instructs him to build a nefarious mysterious black box.

Action League Now!

The infamous short segments from the Nickelodeon show KABLAM! featuring live-action, pupperty, stop-motion animation and patented "chuckimation©.

Weird Al’s “Jurassic Park”

A music video for the king of pop music parody co-directed by Scott Nordlund and Mark Osborne.


A small cabin. A beautiful view. Two souls live seemingly happy lives, their every need met by machines of their own making. But as the days drag on and their routines grow weary, one's souls freedom becomes anothers prison.

CalArts Reel

Circa 1990, this is the reel I created after my first year at CalArts.