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The new short film I just made with my brother Kent Osborne has gone live on the internets!

Check it out!

We had fun making it, and it almost killed us. It’s called THE EXHIBITIONIST and it’s not porn, I promise.  Here’s the synopsis:

A man and his suitcase take an extraordinary pixilated journey through MOCA’s exhibition Art in the Streets at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, as works by BANKSY, RAMMELLZEE and KENNY SCHARF come alive all around him.

The film was created in an improvisational fashion during three very busy days at the museum.  What an incredible setting to work in and be inspired by.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we couldn’t say no.  The short was made in collaboration with the Levi’s Film Workshop and Happy Product, Inc.

Produced with the generous support of the MOCA – http://www.moca.org

The MOST EXCELLENT Original Music and Sound Design is by old chum and CalArts alum Pete Houser http://www.bassbintwins.com

Here’s a behind the scenes shot showing you the crazy camera rig I built out of a rolling cart, a plastic crate, two tripods, some bungee cords and hot glue (oh how I miss the smell of hot glue…).  We had to be nimble and flexible to get all our shots.  Our original plan was to do it all in a day, but it ended up taking 3 days total.  It was my first real intense use of the most amazing stop-motion software ever created by humans, Jamie and Dyami Caliri’s DRAGON STOP MOTION.  If you don’t own it yet, get it!

Go check it out, tell us what you think!

“MORE” is now live on iTunes!

it's fun making the happy products!


After a long wait, I am excited to announce that the brand new High Def fully restored version of MORE is now available on iTunes!  I am very excited.  And it’s only 2.99!  Check it out and pass it along please.



Have you seen this amazing exhibit yet? It’s an excellent show with tons of great stuff to see. I highly recommend it.

I liked it so much I made a new short film with my awesome and multi-talented brudder Kent about it.  It is called THE EXHIBITIONIST and it will be premiere very soon–this SATURDAY in fact!  In the meantime go see the exhibit.  Here’s a tiny taste of the short film:

What do you think?  Look interesting enough?  The short is coming soon to an intertubes near you!



The HAPPY PRODUCT CORPORATION© is very pleased to announce that they will loaning out MARK OSBORNE© to the Corporation of France to make an animated feature film out of the beloved book, Le Petit Prince.

This decision was determined by the HAPPY PRODUCT STATISTICAL PROCESSING ENGINE© as a very good thing for all parties. If all goes well, the movie will go on to make lots of humans very HAPPY©.* MARK OSBORNE© has always admired the book for its human insights and poetic storytelling, or something like that. Here is a picture of the book jacket taken from his private collection:

 Even though this book has a different title, #77OSB-25 promised THE CORPORATION that this was indeed the same book.

Here is how Variety reported the story:

‘Panda’ man picks ‘Prince’ project
Osborne will lead $63 million production
by Elsa Keslassy

“Kung Fu Panda” co-director Mark Osborne has been tapped to direct Gallic 3D toon “The Little Prince.”

One of the biggest European movies this year, with a budget of €45 million ($63.4 million), “Little Prince” is produced by Aton Soumache and Dimitri Rassam.

Pic is an adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s 1943 novella, which has sold more than 80 million copies in about 180 languages.

“Having Mark onboard gives the project an international label of quality: He brings in his storytelling talent and level of experience,” Rassam said.

Osborne’s involvement also underscores the producers’ ambition to “make ‘The Little Prince’ for worldwide audiences on a similar scale as Miyazaki’s and Hollywood films.”

“On ‘Kung Fu Panda,’ I worked with many French animators,” Osborne said. “I look forward to building on that experience and collaborating with French talents again.”

The producers are in the process of securing an international voice cast. Production will start in 2012 for delivery in 2014.

Soumache also is producing a $25.3 million toon skein based on “The Little Prince” via his TV shingle Method Animation.

The Gallic producers have two high-bracket pics in post-production: “Upside Down,” a $57 million sci-fi romance starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess, and “Prodigies,” a $54 million 3D motion-capture thriller.

 View original article HERE.

Trailer for “Making More”


HAPPY PRODUCT INC. is proud to present the Special Edition DVD of MORE that features an hour long, in-depth, extremely comprehensive documentary about the saga of the making of the epic short film.

Many people would find it difficult to believe that the making of a 6-minute short film could have been too much of a challenge. But in truth, creating MORE was an incredibly arduous task for more than a half-dozen human beings. Put a handful of people onto a project that pays almost nothing, is plagued with technical difficulties throughout production and post, and demands every waking hour of everyone’s attention for months on end and you’ll get a recipe for conflict, heartbreak and psychological breakdown. (At least that’s what we found.)

That said, the experience was extremely rewarding for the humans and they claim it was worth every obstacle encountered. Due to all the questions and feedback from aspiring filmmakers and animation students regarding the making of MORE, we discovered a built-in audience for a documentary that discussed the trials and tribulations of low-budget, independent animation. We spent over a year making a documentary about this very experience and are pleased to offer the resulting DVD, The Making of MORE, in the HappyProduct.com store.

Despair, Inc. funded the release of the Special Edition DVD of More. In addition to the cool packaging and whatnot, they produced a documentary about the making of MORE with Alpheus Media.

DVD Town review of the MORE Special Edition DVD

“… this six-minute short has produced DVD material that puts the majority of Hollywood studios to shame… a must-own collection for aspiring filmmakers and those who enjoy the crafting of a film. “

Lights Out Films review of the MORE Special Edition DVD

” Only in the spirit of independent film could you have 2 discs of material for a six minute film… this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for… The film itself is great, and the extras are considerable, especially since this isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster. Buy and enjoy.”